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These Teams are Keeping You From a 2013 DUSHEE Poll!!!

Duquesne Frog


blog-0382898001379475630.jpgAs Levi Stubbs would say, this one gonna be short ...

I believe I've alluded to this before, but the way DUSHEE runs, every team in FBS must have played at least two games against FBS opponents before any numbers can be generated. Even then, the amount of information isn't particularly robust, but that is the minimum threshold past which zeros are no longer in the denominator and DUSHEE doesn't throw its hands up in disgust and leave the room.

So as I track the season, this fact gives a little insight into some of the softer early season schedules.

Going into this week there are 17 FBS schools who have only played one game against FBS opponents. Everybody has played at least one. Those 17 are:

Pac-12: Arizona State, Colorado

Big-12: Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas, West Virginia

AAC: UConn, Houston, SMU

ACC: Clemson, Georgia Tech, NC State

MWC: Fresno, San Diego State, San Jose State

Indies: Navy

SBC: Texas State

Now in Colorado and Fresno's defense, they wouldn't be on the list if their game against each other last week hadn't been cancelled. And you'll note that the SEC and Big 10 do not have any schools on the list. And half of the Big 12 IS on the list. Tsk tsk.

If all 17 of these schools played a FBS opponent this week, I could publish DUSHEE results next week. But alas, three schools are preventing the inaugural 2013 ranking: Colorado, Iowa State, and Navy.

Again, Colorado is on the list due to acts of God, so they deserve a pass. However Navy and Iowa State have no such excuse.

Not only is Iowa State on the list of schools who will still have only played 1 FBS opponent in the first 4 weeks of the season, but to add insult to injury, they are 0-2, having lost to FCS Northern Iowa and Iowa. Fortunately for them, they had Bye as their opponent in both weeks 2 and 4.

Navy has at least taken advantage of their patsy schedule, sitting at 2-0 with wins over Indiana and Delaware. Navy's schedule this year is plain silly. Notre Dame is the only team with even a chance of being top 25 when they play. After that, it's probably a toss-up between Indiana and Pitt for the Midshipmen's toughest opponent.

So to the veritable throng of DUSHEE enthusiasts filling my inbox with exhortations to publish the first ranking this week, I feel ya. But send those nastygrams to the AD's at Iowa State and Navy, not to me. I cannot feed DUSHEE what I don't have.


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