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When A Feller Oughta Keep Quiet



This was a joke told many years ago by Will Rogers which I borrowed and turned into a poem.  I now post it to FrogAblog, and dedicate it to Baylor administrators, coaches and fans.


                                                When A Feller Oughta Keep Quiet


Let me tell you `bout a mountain lion a `way out in th' west.

When it come to killin' cows an' sheep, why, he must've been th' best.

A reg'lar varmint legend of widespread renown,

He was the scourge of ranchers for a'hunnerd miles around.




While passin' through a cattle ranch he killed hisself a bull,

He ate an' ate, an' stuffed hisself until he was plumb full!

Then to celebrate th' feast, or maybe cuz he was bored,

That fat ol' mountain lion rared back and roared…an' roared…an' roared!




Now all the caterwaulin' that th' mountain lion had done

Caught the ear of a passin' cowboy, who pulled out his trusty gun.

He took his aim.his shot was true.an' to that cat's su'prise,

Th' cowboy shot hisself a lion! Smack between th' eyes!





So the moral to my story, with no "if" "and" or "but,"

Is when a feller's full o' bull. he'd best keep his mouth shut!




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