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To My Valentine



As Long As You Are There

I never took to life up North--I always thought it best

To stay close to the desert-lands and prairies 'way out West.

That country where the Yankees dwell, it just ain't what it seems.

Why, it's so cold and dark up there, and filled with empty dreams!

An’ th’ places that I’ve been out East, where our country was begun,

Are filled with buildin’s reachin’ up so high they block the sun

From shinin’ down upon the Earth! An’ I’ve no idea why

A man would chose to live where bricks and mortar hide th’ sky.

I’ve been down South and liked it some, but I could never stay

Where ghosts of soldiers long since gone still march in blue and gray.

An’ though I’m sorta partial to fried catfish, grits, an’ greens,

That grub don’t hold a candle to coosie’s beef an’ beans.

I s’pose I’m meant to live out where the country’s big and wide,

Out where a man can search for th’ horizon’s other side.

An’ if I ever find that place, why I’ll forever stay

Where I can see the mountains, without no city in the way.

But Darlin', I been thinking hard, and come to realize

It's more important who I’m with beneath some place's skies.

That's why I think that any place on Earth could be right fair

An' be exactly right for me...as long as you are there.


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