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Winnin' the Lottery




For years I was dreamin' about gettin' rich by bein' a lottery winner.

But the tickets I bought, they all came to nought while my wallet just kept gettin' thinner.

All I was needin' was one lucky draw and I'd be in fi-nanshul heaven,

But I won no cash when I played Mix and Match and struck out when I played Super 7.

I dreamed how I'd spend my winnin's each day while chasin' wild cows from the thickets,

But I could paper the walls of several dance halls with my worthless torn-up Lotto tickets.

Oh, I was real reg'lar at buyin' them things! Day-dreamin', my riches I'd see!

But I had no luck, I won not one buck from Mega Millions or Midday Pick 3.

I tried playin' Bingo, and Hot Lotto, too, but my luck, it kept gettin' worse

'Til I lost it all on the big Powerball that finally emptied my purse.

And so, I was beat, flat nuthin' I'd won! My ego had taken a bruisin'.

I was near broke, my spurs was in soak, and I was worn out from the losin'.

My dobber was draggin', a failure I felt, guess I wasn't cut out for winnin'!

But after a time a thought come to mind that soon turned my frownin' to grinnin'.

While frettin' and strugglin' to just "strike it rich" I'd forgotten a mighty big part

Of bein' content with the way my life went had something to do with my heart.

Why, Hon, I'm a rich man! I'm rollin' in wealth! My wildest dreams all have come true!

And I've YOU to thank, 'cause I broke the bank of love...when I fell for you!

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